Bridal Veil Wilderness Preserve
An incredible dream coming true - for all of us.

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One of Tennessee’s spectacular wild and rugged mountain gorges officially became a “forever wild” nature conservation area
on Friday, December 19th , 2003.  Known now as The Bridal Veil Wilderness Preserve, this 161 acre wonderland will never be timbered, mined, hunted, commercially exploited or otherwise altered from its natural state.
The Land Trust for Tennessee is the Preserve's official steward, however Monette Anthony Developments, LLC and their Bridal Veil Owners Association remain the Preserve's owners and caretakers.  The Land Trust will formally dedicate The Bridal Veil Wilderness Preserve at a ceremony on February 18th at the cliff-edge home of Steven and Frances Wolf overlooking the Preserve in the exclusive 586 acre Bridal Veil development atop Monteagle Mountain.

The Land Trust for Tennessee, a state chartered foundation dedicated to preserving Tennessee’s rapidly vanishing wilderness heritage, exercises executive oversight for compliance with severely restrictive covenants that will forever protect the Preserve’s magnificent forests, its diverse wildlife, its delicate ecology and its primal character from future ravages of human exploitation and misuse.

Botanists, biologists, geologists, archeologists and environmental experts from The University of the South, Sewanee, and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation conducted inventories of the Preserve's flora, fauna, rare and endangered species and archeological sites. Those studies produced exciting initial findings, and further explorations will be conducted as the Preserve’s forestry, wildlife and environmental management plans are formulated.   Rare bird and plant species, including the Yellow Billed Cuckoo and the American Chestnut, are found in the Preserve.

The Bridal Veil Cove is home to deer, fox, raccoon, possum, coyote, bobcat, turkey, eagles, hawks and birds of countless color, size and song.  As far as the eye can see nature showcases its splendor without a trace of human intrusion.  Continuous bluff frontage, with sheer cliff-ledge overhangs, deep rocky clefts, and stunning views down the valleys and across to rock-faced cliffs adorn the cove.  Immense hardwoods, hemlock, holly, hickory, pine and tulip poplar grace the landscape. Blooming mountain plants and flowers are everywhere from early Spring through late Autumn.

Breathtaking waterfalls and cascades characterize the Preserve's basin.  Each adventure into the cove yields nature's abundant treasures.  The coves and hollows leading from the Cumberland Plateau to the valley floor have characterized the region for eons.  Native Americans found food and shelter here as long as 6000 years ago.  Recently, the region has garnered national and international attention as a unique example of native habitat. 

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